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According to Facebook if you have over 2000 friends you can be classed as popular. What a load of shite. I know people with No friends who are more popular than I’ll ever be.
“He’s on that damn facebook again posting crap about his gigs” ūüôā facebook pages (fan site and regular) , reverbnation, Ustream, myspace (my what?) web site, blog, the mobile app, twitter, you tube etc etc etc on and on.

when all that’s updated and your one good¬†typing¬†finger is aching how are you going to strum a guitar for a few hours to nail that new song you’ve been working on since your career began? I don’t know. Social networking is a necessary evil these days kids whether you like it or loath it. With the demise of record labels us¬†independent¬†artists are embracing the power of the internet like never before, some of us are even investing in things other than instruments or studio time like¬†PC’s¬†and macs.. ūüôā

Apple mac

Bands and artists on every level in¬†today’s¬†industry are spending more and more time on the internet updating tour dates and trying to get their music out there and their fans interested that I have no idea how we ever find the time to write, rehearse, and find new gigs these days.

Did you know that 7 years worth of new video footage gets uploaded to you tube every day? 7 YEARS WORTH EVERY DAY!! ¬†so if you or your band think you’re going to get discovered on you tube then think again. I DO recommend having a you tube or vimeo account though as people who want to book you want to see and hear what you do live and it’s a very useful tool. Stuff like mobile Apps seem to be becoming very popular also as more and more people use smart phones to access the net than ever before. I’m trying this one out which is free (to the user, not to me) and powered by reverbnation ¬†http://www.reverbnation.com/daithirua¬†(another handy tool to check out)

My free App

Finding ways to capture an audience even when you’re not on stage is also something I became¬†fascinated¬†with some years ago with the introduction of live streaming. Using something like Ustream¬†http://www.ustream.tv/channel/daithi-tv¬†really is an effective way to do that. It incorporates a live chat room where fans, friends and family can watch a¬†performance¬†from the comfort of their own home while you perform from the comfort of yours or indeed at a live event.

I like the fact that it takes place in real time but it also gets recorded if you wish for people to re play or share at a later time. Below is a really cool photo of some friends enjoying a live stream show the next day on their i pad during breakfast. ūüôā¬†

As an¬†independent artist of any kind. Social networking is the only way forward unless you happen to be¬†financially¬†backed by a major investor or record label. Even then I don’t believe that anyone big or small can¬†do without the power of the internet for promotion in this cyber world we live in. I’m finished updating my blog now the status and tour dates are done. I’ve twittered enough for one day. Same time same place tomorrow? or is it today already? ¬†Confused dot com.

live stream for breakfast.


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